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(December 31, 2019) So much of the day was spent learning about culture and human rights issue, tonight is New Year’s Eve. I’ve been invited to a celebration but am going to give it a pass as I need to be up and about early on New Year’s Day. Please note that we are 10 hours ahead of those in the Pacific Time zone.

Here are some glimpses into what we’ve been experiencing.

Star of David?


Careful, your Baba is watching


Some signs of the times


An eerie sculpture from Gaza


Still hosts visitors at the Walled Off Hotel


Inside the hotel: an exhibit of Occupation Living in the Shadow


Banksy playing cupid with cameras


and skip rope with soldiers


A guard tower fades into the background for most local residents


Probably not Dickensian but very reminiscent




Santa has room at this inn
I’ve often wondered about the significance of this Isaiah quote in the present day. 



 People look up! Oranges and Lemons…


Clothing seems a bit less


Looks like fuel is 6.14NIS/ltr – $2.31 CAD


Eclectic collection of wares

4 Replies to “From One Year to the Next”

  1. Thanks for the photos, and your words -Those statues in front of what looks like bombed out?? buildings. Woah! All very interesting. Hope all goes well with you as you continue your journey – love it that you can keep in touch this way!! k

  2. The sculpture in front of the bombed out building – wow. No words for the emotions it stirs. Thank you for sharing. Peace my friend

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